Upcoming Tournaments

Here is a list of upcoming Tournaments at the Electric Bat Arcade

Wednesday November 7th, 6pm– Selfie Pinball tournament kickoff! This tournament runs from 11/7-12/1. $7 to enter (there will be lots of prizes!). Here are the rules:

Go to Matchplay.events and create your FREE account. Your name should match the name you used to pay your entry fee. Once you have paid your $7 tournament fee (in person on 11/7, or via paypal afterwards), you will be allowed to add your scores. If you have any questions you can ask them in person at the kickoff on November 7th or email the tournament director at capitentertainment@gmail.com

  • You can submit scores for each game an UNLIMITED amount of times.
  • Your score and your headshot must be clear in each submission.
  • Only your 2 best scores per game will be counted. You can keep submitting scores that beat your previous score.
  • There will be a total of 12 Machines in play. YOU MUST SUBMIT AT LEAST 12 SCORES to qualify for finals. (That’s as simple as 1 score per game!)
  • There will be live qualifying on November 7th starting at 6:45pm-midnight as well as December 1st, from 10am-1:45pm. A tournament director will be present at these times so no pics required. 
  • Scoring format will award 100 points for first, 90 for second, 85, 84, 83 and so on. (PAPA scoring)

Sunday November 25th, 1pm– Work off the extra turkey and pie with some beer and a 3 Strikes Pinball tournament: All are welcome (including first-timers!), $1 to enter plus cost of games. Arrive by 12:45.

Saturday December 1st, 2pm– Selfie Finals Tournament Must qualify by playing in the selfie tournament listed above.

Saturday December 15th, 1pm– Belles and Chimes (Ladies league- open to all women)  3 strikes tournament benefitting Project Pinball. $5 entry with an option to buy an extra strike for an additional $10 donation to Project Pinball. We will also be running a side tournament on Iron Maiden open to everyone, so dudes come support the ladies, Project Pinball, and play some Iron Maiden!

Sunday December 30th, 1pm– Electric Bat’s End of the Year Bash!  FOUR Strikes Pinball tournament: All are welcome (Including first-timers!), $1 to enter plus cost of games.EXTRA PRIZES! Arrive by 12:45. 


Iron Maiden

Creature from the Black Lagoon

Attack from Mars

Game of Thrones





Walking Dead

Bram Stoker’s Dracula





Ms. Pac Man


Street Fighter 2 Champion Edition

Area 51

Ultimate Mortal Kombat 3

Special Criminal Investigation

Puzzle Bobble

Magic Sword

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